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Online coaching through video calls, for personalized guidance and support from anywhere.

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I offer online snooker coaching sessions through various platforms such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, and Telegram. Personally, I find Skype to be the most convenient option because it allows me to record our sessions and send you the video afterward of course with your permission.

What I offer:
– Tailored guidance on improving your snooker skills, covering technique, aiming, cue ball control, and
mental game.
– Innovative training ideas.
– Individualized training plans.
– A coaching style based on hard work, discipline, and mental game training.
– Personalized support for personal and playing growth.

What are the benefits?
– Enhance your snooker skills.
– Develop sharp potting angles and a consistent shot approach.
– Master control for scoring and break building.
– Learn to perform under pressure like a pro.
– My approach fosters consistent, lasting improvements.