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I am passionate about transforming players into versatile winners. My coaching philosophy is to make you become an all-around snooker virtuoso. Bringing Clarity, Rhythm, and Results to your Game







Why Choose My Coaching Approach

  • 🎯 Clarity: Setting the Course for Success

    With clear, defined goals, we create a roadmap tailored just for you. This clarity not only builds a robust training program but also fuels your motivation to consistently practice and play, ensuring overall improvement in your game.

  • 🎵 Rhythm: The Heartbeat of Your Technique

    Rhythm isn’t just about the technique ; it’s about your mindset too. By instilling rhythm in your technique and thinking, I empower you to play with fluency, certainty, and freedom. Self-confidence becomes your best friend, enhancing your performance in every match.

  • 🏆 Results: Where Clarity Meets Rhythm

    The equation is simple: Clarity + Rhythm = Exceptional Long-Term Results. This winning combination forms the foundation of your journey towards snooker greatness. It’s what distinguishes the best amateur and professional players, allowing them to perform at a consistently high level.

Multiple languages available

Coaching is now available not just in English, but also in other languages for enhanced understanding and skill acquisition. Our mentorship program is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Russian, ensuring ease of comprehension and effective learning. Ask any questions you may have about our language-specific training programs.

My services

Mentorship coaching program

I will be your mentor to help you level up your snooker game. Share your snooker play videos, and I’ll personally analyse them and provide homework to enhance specific areas of your play.

1 one 1 live coaching

Live coaching sessions take place in Vilnius or abroad.

Online coaching

Online coaching through video calls, for personalized guidance and support from anywhere.

Practice plans

Explore my online video courses, where I cover the fundamentals and basics of snooker, providing you with a solid foundation for the game.

My recent projects

Vilius Schulte

Snooker coach / Player

Here are my recent projects that I’ve been working on

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What my clients say

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