Mentorship coaching program

I will be your mentor to help you level up your snooker game. Share your snooker play videos, and I’ll personally analyse them and provide homework to enhance specific areas of your play.

1 one 1 live coaching

Live coaching sessions take place in Vilnius or abroad.

Online coaching

Online coaching through video calls, for personalized guidance and support from anywhere.

Practice plans

Explore my online video courses, where I cover the fundamentals and basics of snooker, providing you with a solid foundation for the game.

What is the Mentorship program?

I Vilius Schulte-Ebbert am an EBSA Professional Snooker Coach, and the primary goal of this program is to assist you in overcoming your snooker game-related challenges and finding effective solutions. Snooker players are unique, and I understand the importance of a personalized coaching approach to help you reach your highest snooker goals. I will be your mentor to help you level up your snooker game. Share your snooker play videos, and I’ll personally analyse them and provide homework to enhance specific areas of your play.

What are the benefits?

  • Enhancing your overall technique
  • Developing a clear training plan, which includes solo and match play
  • Improving your mental game
  • Building resilience to perform under pressure

What I offer

  • A personalized approach tailored to your snooker game.
  • Analysis of your snooker play based on the video footage you send.
  • Responses to your questions through audio and video messages.
  • Personalized training plans

How to film yourself properly

Free consultation

If you’re interested in starting your journey with my mentorship program, feel free to book a free consultation with me.

Mentorship program case study

In this video I show how I worked with my one of the students Brijesh from India. He had a scooping move in his cue action and after correction he made his cue action level.

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Online coaching

I offer online snooker coaching sessions through various platforms such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, and Telegram. Personally, I find Skype to be the most convenient option because it allows me to record our sessions and send you the video afterward of course with your permission.

What I offer

  • Tailored guidance on improving your snooker skills, covering technique, aiming, cue ball control, and mental game.
  • Innovative training ideas.
  • Individualized training plans.
  • A coaching style based on hard work, discipline, and mental game training.
  • Personalized support for personal and playing growth.

What are the benefits?

  • Enhance your snooker skills.
  • Develop sharp potting angles and a consistent shot approach.
  • Master control for scoring and break building.
  • Learn to perform under pressure like a pro.
  • My approach fosters consistent, lasting improvements.

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1 on 1 live coaching

(Vilnius or abroad)

I provide 1-on-1 live coaching, which can take place in Vilnius or abroad upon invitation. Additionally, I offer group coaching at the same price.

Why chose live coaching

Benefit from one-on-one guidance, tailored to your unique playing style and skill level, ensuring rapid progress and skill enhancement.

Holistic Approach

Join a community of passionate snooker enthusiasts, fostering camaraderie, competition, and mutual growth.

Lifetime Memories

Immerse yourself in a transformative snooker experience, creating memories that last a lifetime while honing your skills to perfection.

Supportive Environment

I focus not only on technical skills but also on mental and strategic aspects, shaping you into a well-rounded player.

What to expect?

  • Comprehensive PDF Practice Reports.

    Receive a detailed PDF report outlining specific practice guidelines, dos and don’ts, and a customized plan for your future training sessions, empowering you to practice with purpose and precision.

  • Clear Daily Training Structure.

    Experience a structured training regimen tailored to your needs, complete with clear instructions and a dedicated lunch break to ensure you’re refreshed and ready to absorb the knowledge imparted.

  • Weekly Tournament Play & Sparring.

    Engage in weekly tournament play and spar with players of varying skill levels, providing you with diverse challenges and opportunities to refine your strategies.

  • Filmed Game Session & Expert Analysis

    Your game session will be professionally filmed, allowing us to provide detailed video analysis, pinpointing strengths, and areas for improvement, ensuring a targeted approach to your training.

Cue Club


If needed, I can assist in finding a convenient apartment or hotel within walking distance (1-2 km) from the club, ensuring your stay is comfortable and convenient.

About Cue Club

Cue Club is located near bakery Prezo, a restaurant Čili, and a shopping center IKI within easy reach, eliminating the need for driving and wasting time. At our Vilnius coaching hub, we offer an unparalleled live coaching experience tailored to elevate your snooker game to new heights.

There is a separate staircase leading to the club.

About Vilnius

Vilnius city offers numerous benefits, including a picturesque city center and charming old town, a conveniently located snooker club just 1.5 km from the city center, a wide range of day and night activities such as restaurants, bars, sports, and entertainment, ample parks and green spaces, and the added convenience of an airport just 7 km away from the city center.

Live coaching review

My clients experience with my coaching and what improvements he made during his training.

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Practice plans

Welcome to my comprehensive snooker training programs, where I am dedicated to transforming your game and helping you achieve your full potential on the snooker table. My training programs are designed with precision, incorporating proven methods and tailored drills to hone your skills effectively.

What to expect?

  • Timing and Alignment Mastery

    Receive a detailed PDF report outlining specific practice guidelines, dos and don’ts, and a customized plan for your future training sessions, empowering you to practice with purpose and precision.

  • Cue Action Perfection

    Refine your cue action and cueing techniques through expert methods, guaranteeing a smooth and accurate stroke with every shot.

  • Versatile Cue Ball Drills

    From beginners to advanced players, our cue ball drills cater to all levels, enhancing your control and positioning skills.

  • Long Potting Excellence

    Master the art of long potting regardless of your current level. Our tailored drills will sharpen your skills, making those challenging shots a breeze.

  • Rest Play Prowess

    Elevate your game when playing from the rest position, gaining confidence and precision in your shots.

  • Sports Psychology

    Develop emotional and pressure control skills, enhancing your mental game and boosting your confidence on the table.

Clarity and Personalization

MY programs provide crystal-clear instructions and methods, ensuring you understand every aspect of your training. Each drill is tailored to your level, guaranteeing effective progress.

PDF Guides and Video Tutorials

Receive your personalized training program in PDF format, accompanied by video links that demonstrate techniques and drills. Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

Affordable Options

Choose between our pre-made program for €27 or opt for a tailored experience at €48. Quality training that fits your budget.

“Snooker Basics” video course includes:


Bridge Hand Basics: The foundation of snooker improvement, focusing on building a rock-solid bridge hand.


Solid Overall Technique Principles: Covers stance, address position, grip, shot approach, cue action, and basic cue ball control.


Advanced Technique Principles: Exploring contact points, awkward stances, potting angles, cue delivery speed, rest play, snooker escapes, and more.


Live Snooker Coaching: For beginners, showing how to coach yourself from scratch.

“Snooker Basics” video course prices

Snooker Mastery video training course

Snooker Mastery course prices

Versatile cue ball control drills.

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