1 on 1 live coaching

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Live coaching takes place in Vilnius or abroad.

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I provide 1-on-1 live coaching, which can take place in Vilnius or abroad upon invitation. Additionally, I offer group coaching at the same price.

Why chose live coaching?
Benefit from one-on-one guidance, tailored to your unique playing style and skill level, ensuring rapid progress and skill enhancement.

Holistic Approach
Join a community of passionate snooker enthusiasts, fostering camaraderie, competition, and mutual growth.

Supportive Environment
I focus not only on technical skills but also on mental and strategic aspects, shaping you into a well-rounded player.

Lifetime Memories
Immerse yourself in a transformative snooker experience, creating memories that last a lifetime while honing your skills to perfection.

What to expect:
Comprehensive PDF Practice Reports.
Receive a detailed PDF report outlining specific practice guidelines, dos and don’ts, and a customized plan for your future training sessions, empowering you to practice with purpose and precision.

Clear Daily Training Structure.
Experience a structured training regimen tailored to your needs, complete with clear instructions and a dedicated lunch break to ensure you’re refreshed and ready to absorb the knowledge imparted.

Weekly Tournament Play & Sparring.
Engage in weekly tournament play and spar with players of varying skill levels, providing you with diverse challenges and opportunities to refine your strategies.

Filmed Game Session & Expert Analysis
Your game session will be professionally filmed, allowing us to provide detailed video analysis, pinpointing strengths, and areas for improvement, ensuring a targeted approach to your training.