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practise makes perfect

Practice needs to challenge you all the time – no challenge, no progress. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you have to look for new things to learn and be prepared to embrace discomfort. Easy practice is boring, and too hard practice makes you anxious. Somewhere in between is a sweet spot, around 10% better than your current ability. This level of challenge, with effort and belief in yourself, is achievable and propels you into the flow state.

Obviously, the goal you set needs to be achievable with added effort. If the goal is achieved easily without too much effort, that means it’s not a correct goal. But if you hit a certain plateau, you may get a bit frustrated and angry, and that’s where the magic happens.

You see, our brains hate having stress, and there are two coping mechanisms. You can run away and avoid stress altogether, or you can get your act together, use all your focus and brainpower, and get the job done (achieve your goal).

Once a goal is achieved, the satisfaction you get is magnified, and it actually changes you, building character. After the job is done, it’s time to rise to the occasion. That’s why players, after reaching their first 50+ or 100+ breaks, make multiples afterward—the Holy Grail, the Magic!

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